Repair IE8 (IE7)

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This script is a rewrite of my repair script for IE6. It works with IE7 and IE8. There are two new downloads for 64bit systems, one for 32bit IE, one for 64bit IE. I thank several users from the newsgroups/forums for testing and fellow MVP Robert Aldwinckle for valuable tips. I don’t have a 64bit version of Windows installed, so the new scripts would not exist without them.

Usage: unzip the download and run the cmd file in it with a doubleclick. On Vista/Windows 7 you have to do this with administrator privileges (right-click on the cmd file and choose «run as administrator»). The command window will stay open after excecution, so you can check for errors. Do not run in «safe mode».

This script is mainly intended to fix some missing registrations of system libraries (dlls) after initial installation of IE8. You can use it later, too. The missing registrations are usually a result of using registry cleaners. So, don’t use them! But it registers or installs all files that are part of IE8 as they come with the IE8 setup file, plus a few others which are known for clear problem symptoms in case their registration got lost.

Recently (after Windows 7 launch) there have been many reports on problems with 32bit IE8 on Windows 7 64bit, that can be corrected with the ie8-rereg.32-on-64.cmd script. You should be aware that this is not a bug in Windows or IE. These problems are created by not-uptodate programs that write wrong values in the registry where they should not write at all. A known example are Opera versions that come pre-installed on «magazine CDs» for browsing the content of those disks.

Among other symptoms this script may fix:

  • open in new tab/window not working
  • Find on this page «empty»
  • tabs on Favorites pane missing
  • about screen and other dialogs «empty»
  • IE8 closes immediately (not if caused by an add-on!)
  • can’t print (interface not registered)

The reregistration of the crypto functionality (initpki) is commented out. It’s very rarely necessary and takes a long time to finish. In case you really need it, please look in the script (at the end) and activate it.

The new scripts for 64bit Windows do not contain the shdocvw.dll fix anymore as this bug seems to occur only on Windows XP. In case you need that fix you can look up the necessary reg command at the end of the script. You know that you need that fix if the new tabs page (about:tabs) is changed and doesn’t display the last visited sites anymore after running the script.

This script cannot fix all problems 😉

Versions: for IE7/8 on 32bit-Windows for 32bit IE8 on 64bit Windows for 64bit IE8 on 64bit Windows contains all the above scripts

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